Training & Presentations

Commercial Fraud Services Limited can provide a wide range of training on counter fraud issues. We can also present seminars on various types and styles of fraud using as examples actual cases. For example Commercial Fraud Services Limited provide a seminar on Long Firm Fraud which shows the way the fraud is perpetrated and goes through the methods and stories used by offenders. It also shows what you as a company can do to minimise the risk.

A seminar on internal fraud uses actual cases to spot the early signs of a potential problem and the situations within a business which give opportunities for fraud. Many issues which arise during an internal fraud are discussed along with ways to minimise the risks. Commercial Fraud Services Limited also conducts seminars dealing with numerous other types and styles of fraud from factoring fraud to mortgage fraud. The mechanics of how a particular type of fraud is perpetrated are explained. This assists in spotting the early signs of a potential fraud and can help victims of fraud in coming to terms with the experience.

We are in the process of developing a training package aimed at IT staff to assist them in countering attacks on company's computer systems from both internal and external sources.

The seminars and training can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your business.