When faced with the prospect of fraud businesses find them selves in a dilemma. Many companies are not even aware what courses of action are avilable to them and are often left wondering what they should do.

The options are:

  1. Report the matter to the police.
  2. Take your own action through the civil courts.
  3. Take a commercial decision to resolve the matter internally.

It is always initially worthwhile investigating the scope of the apparent fraud. If the fraud is an internal matter, a person from outside the business is better placed to do this. Despite what many people think, fraud is quite a personal crime particularly if the fraud is internal and involves a member of staff who has been known and trusted for a number of years. Statistics show that an internal fraud is most likley to have been perpetrated by a trusted employee, who has been with the business some considerable time and was previously thought to be one of the most loyal. In these circumstances someone will feel personally 'conned' and emotions can cloud judgement.

Commercial Fraud Services Limited will conduct a discreet and confidential investigation and supply you with a qualified unbiased assessment upon which to decide on a course of action. If you involve Commercial Fraud Services Limited at an early stage we can advise and assist in maintaining the integrity of evidence, essential if you are to pursue any course of action.

If the course of action decided upon is to report the matter to the police, experience shows that the police are more likely to accept the investigation if a comprehensive package of evidence is presented to them. Commercial Fraud Services Limited has access to a number of forensic services including accountancy, handwriting and document examination as well as computer examination and data retrieval.

Commercial Fraud Services Limited will conduct the initial investigation and produce a package of evidence to court standard which can be used in any future police investigation. With an in depth knowledge of police and judicial systems and procedures Commercial Fraud Services Limited will act as a point of contact for your company to guide your business through what can be a complex and at times demoralising process.

Should the course of action be to take action through the civil courts Commercial Fraud Services Limited will conduct a full investigation and prepare the evidence bundle for court, and include the giving of evidence on oath should it be required. The civil standard of proof is less than that required for a criminal court however the standard of evidence will be the same in either case.

In either case Commercial Fraud Services Limited has access to experts in the area of Proceeds of Crime Act legislation to give advice on issues of loss recovery.

Once the initial assessment has been undertaken, a commercial decision may well be taken not to pursue any action through the courts but to resolve the matter internally. This decision may be taken for any number of reasons, which do not diminish the fact that your business has been a victim of fraud. At this stage a Health Check would be the way forward to ensure that systems are in place to prevent any further frauds. You may require a package of evidence to be available to resolve and issues which may arise at any future tribunals as a result of any action that you have to take in relation to staff involved in the case.

There are many occasions when a business has not been the direct victim of a fraud but has been caught up in another company's problems and just requires advice and guidance. Commercial Fraud Services Limited will assist as required.